Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time again. Buds are blooming and birds are chirping. With the first taste of Spring comes the desire to clean house. It’s an exhilarating feeling – purging old documents, clothing, items that no longer fit our lifestyles or our closets. Yesterday I was reminded that when we eliminate items we no longer need, we make room for something even better to enter our lives. We need to create the space to welcome the opportunity.

Spring can be a time of spiritual and organizational cleansing. And with that comes the excitement of anticipating what awaits us around the corner. My sons introduced me to the concept of Minimalism, living happily with less and clearing the clutter from our lives. It’s a great concept and we can all take baby steps to make it happen. When the spirit moves you, take a few minutes to focus on a portion of your life or household (a room, a drawer, certain work files). By making a conscious effort to decide what to let go, you’ll immediately open up a space to bring more positivity into your life.

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