Cloverleaf Cincinnati Overview – Using Tech to Drive Team Development

I recently learned about a new software company in Cincinnati Ohio. helps teams succeed by providing insight into how individuals work best. “Cloverleaf’s mission is accomplished by revealing the truth about individuals and equipping the workforce through insights they may not have found otherwise.” Their data and analytics provide insights that build and sustain team effectiveness. What a great concept!

“We’re on a mission for every team to be a thriving team, with people doing work that energizes them. Cloverleaf’s SaaS platform provides data-driven insights to empower everyone in the organization to increase their relational and communication effectiveness, ultimately improving productivity and engagement.”

Cloverleaf For Human Resources

It’s pretty cool how Cloverleaf’s platform works. To use their platform, you create an account on their website. Once you are set up as a user, you can input your previous personality assessments and take new ones. DiSC, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, VIA, and a Cloverleaf proprietary Culture Pulse Survey are available on the platform. Then the platform visualizes your personality data in an organized, intuitive way. The platform has individual profiles for each team member.

This platform provides data visualization for understanding team members’ personalities and how they work best together. It gives managers the tools they need to move assessment data outside the training classroom and into the hands of employees. It shares recommendations for customizing approaches to enhance communication in order to minimize conflict and increase effectiveness.


Cloverleaf for Business Coaching

Cloveleaf also can be used for business coaching. Their platform provides an expanded toolbox that recommends solutions for common client issues. Similarly, they have a wide database of teams that can help business coaches generate leads.

I have found the most prevalent client issues to be:

  • Improving Relationships with Peers
  • Women in Leadership
  • Developing Direct Reports
  • Career Development
  • Managing Conflict

Cloverleaf’s platform can assist with team training and business coaching. You can administer assessments (DISCMB, Enneagram, and VIA to name a few), provide team building resources, offer talent management and employee development tools and provide ongoing support for your clients all from a single technology platform. Similarly, Cloverleaf provides certification for key assessment tools.

Lastly, through Cloverleaf, coaches can build a peer community of resources and connections that will encourage growth.

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A look at how Cloverleafs Platform works on mobile and desktop devices.


Cloverleaf cross-maps your team’s personality, skills, and culture, and reveals insights that can improve decision making. I recommend checking out their platform to learn more. Visit to get started. Follow @cloverleafme on all social media for more info.

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