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Atticus Consulting, LLC

About Us

We work to develop potential and explore new opportunities. Our approach is to bring warmth and a sense of humor to the process, as we gently challenge you to become empowered. Together, we can create a skilled and effective community.

Barbara McMahan

Barbara McMahan, founder of Atticus Consulting, LLC, is a consultant for corporate, non-profit and higher-education professionals. With her uniquely practical yet intuitive approach, Barbara enjoys working with leaders on building trust, accomplishing results and affecting positive change. Her philosophy is rooted in ethics, collaboration, and personal & professional growth.

Our Vision

When it comes to creating a productive team, we believe that highlighting individual empowerment can go a long way. At Atticus Consulting, LLC, we work to identify the hidden potential within each employee, and the group as a whole. Our vision is a community oriented towards progress, in which individuals are empowered by their unique strengths. Through dialogue and assessment, we hope to share our vision with the world.


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